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hankhank /hæŋk/ noun [countable]  TIMan amount of wool or thread that has been wound into a loose ball
Examples from the Corpus
hankHank was hank to believe he was still himself.She raised her eyebrows and drew out a hank of hair, backing slowly away from me.I believe with every human bone, piece of flesh and hank of hair I possess that the government is right.Test running, and making final adjustments to the newly installed hank scouring machine is Duncan Dawson.A breeze ruffled her hair and set hanks of wool waving on the fence-wire.He dropped the hank of hair.The sleepy snakes lie wreathed around themselves or slither through the hoops of their own skin, their hanks of hemp.One yellowy hank was swiped forward from the nape of his neck, while the other originated from his luxuriant left sideburn.
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