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hansomhan‧som /ˈhænsəm/ (also hansom cab) noun [countable]  TTBa small vehicle pulled by a horse which was used in the past as a taxi
Examples from the Corpus
hansomIn addition to the milk floats there were also a few redundant horse vehicles, including a pre-war bread van and a hansom cab.I caught up with him on Exhibition Road, where he had run into the street and flagged down a hansom.Bid Mrs Hudson to have a hansom flagged down and waiting for us.The time when you would be relieved by the spectre of a hansom cab in the eerily unpeopled streets.Yes ... I remember a hansom pipped me to a good prospect, in Threadneedle Street.Then, every evening - oh, the danger of it - home by hansom.As he spoke, the hansom turned into the drive before the Foreign Office.
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