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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhaphazardhap‧haz‧ard /ˌhæpˈhæzəd◂ $ -ərd◂/ adjective  CARELESShappening or done in a way that is not planned or organizeda haphazard way/manner/fashion I continued my studies in a rather haphazard way. Educational provision in the country is haphazard.haphazardly adverb bushes growing haphazardly here and there
Examples from the Corpus
haphazardInformation about local candidates was fairly haphazard.The student's purpose is specific, yet his method could be described as haphazard.According to the report, most Americans have a distinctly haphazard approach to saving for the future.The appearance of privileged communities was not quite as haphazard as it may seem.Once you finally put the shoe on, the adjustment of fit is as haphazard as tightening a pair of laces.New employees have to deal with a haphazard filing system.They did the freeways and Marge tried to map-read in the haphazard light.As a result the records were often distributed and accounts payable were collected in a haphazard manner.The streets were the muddy, haphazard spaces in between.The leaders of self-defeating organizations are well aware of this phenomenon; they depend upon it to justify their haphazard training practices.a haphazard way/manner/fashionAs a result the records were often distributed and accounts payable were collected in a haphazard manner.At present, the decisions are taken in a haphazard way.In fact, on any view it started many years before that, though in a haphazard manner.Logging your time Many people operate in a haphazard way.Most of us do this every day, though typically in a haphazard way.Work on planning the Civic Centre began in a haphazard way.Ministry seems to have grown up in a haphazard manner, basically in response to the need that various functions be performed.In between, I continued my studies in a haphazard way for they never really interested me, knowing in advance my fate.
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