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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhaplesshap‧less /ˈhæpləs/ adjective [only before noun]  literaryUNLUCKY unlucky The hapless passengers were stranded at the airport for three days.
Examples from the Corpus
haplessThe world's biggest aircraft-leasing firm will now try to squeeze concessions from its hapless bondholders.I decided to be guided by a modified version of the National Parks Service motto, updated for hapless burglars.But Frank Bascombe, for all his hapless domestic incompetence and elaborate self-pity, was interesting and kind of likable.Several hapless hikers got caught in the snowstorm.They came to this swampland and found a team to punish, those hapless New York Jets.Some were lost by hapless temps.The weary elders of the 1980s take revenge at last upon the hapless victims of the 1960s.
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