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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhappeninghap‧pen‧ing1 /ˈhæpənɪŋ/ noun [countable usually plural]  HAPPENsomething that happens, especially a strange eventstrange/unusual/mysterious etc happenings There have been reports of strange happenings in the town.
Examples from the Corpus
happeningShe could not believe that Pat was ready to go off now, at this thrilling moment when fabulous happenings seemed imminent.The paper has a listing of the day's happenings.The happenings of the last two days had left me feeling dazed.'The X Files' is a fictional television programme about strange, unexplained happenings.strange/unusual/mysterious etc happeningsStolen art treasures viewed by her professional eye, mysterious happenings, and danger combine in this action-filled tale of Romantic Suspense.A number of other Ulster callers also rang the show that night with amazing stories of strange happenings during Geller's appearance.Or was she behaving again like she had after the strange happenings on Monument Hill?By the following morning she had recovered to some extent from the unusual happenings in her normally well ordered life.Because of the strange happenings since she had arrived, Jenna had almost forgotten her original reason for this trip.
happeninghappening2 adjective informal  FASHIONABLEfashionable and exciting Brighton is definitely a happening place.see thesaurus at fashionable
Examples from the Corpus
happeninga happening clubIn four to five years, this will be a happening film festival.The town's OK, but not what you'd call a happening place.