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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhappilyhap‧pi‧ly /ˈhæpəli/ ●●○ adverb  1 HAPPYin a happy way Michelle smiled happily. I’m a happily married man. So she married the prince, and they lived happily ever after (=used at the end of children’s stories to say that someone was happy for the rest of their life).2 [sentence adverb]LUCKY fortunately Happily, his injuries were not serious.3 WILLINGvery willingly I’d happily go for you. Most restaurants will happily accept payment by credit card.
Examples from the Corpus
happilyThe puppy wagged its tail happily.Now he had his real orders, from his own memsab; he ascended the ladder happily.Happily, Bruce's injuries were not serious.Colombine rejects Harlequin, and she and Pierrot live happily ever after.Second, software houses are happily riding the wave of innovation that the Internet has set off.A few artists will happily take on custom jobs.With the 3.9iSE Vogue, the Range Rover continues happily to wear the crown.I imagined the ribbon of my life happily unfurling before me.I find I can get along quite happily with a few dozen.lived happily ever afterAnd so we all lived happily ever after.In books everyone always lived happily ever after.Later they had a son named Bastianelo, and the family lived happily ever after.Perseus and Andromeda lived happily ever after.Then she would be comforted by the thought that, once married, lovers lived happily ever after.With no one left to sabotage them, Snow White and the prince lived happily ever after.She knew that she would not have lived happily ever after with Peter Datchett.
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