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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhappy-go-luckyˌhappy-go-ˈlucky adjective  WORRIEDenjoying life and not worrying about things syn easy-going a happy-go-lucky person
Examples from the Corpus
happy-go-luckyLikewise, childlike behaviour can also be free, fun-loving, intuitive and happy-go-lucky.I am sure I am only one of many who will sorely miss this happy-go-lucky golfer.He was a big, happy-go-lucky jovial chap, ever smiling and pleasant.He's fairly happy-go-lucky on the course, except when his putting goes wrong!These immediate-return hunter-gatherers never suffer anxiety about the future of food supplies and are characterized by improvident, generous, happy-go-lucky personalities.She recognised him as a kindred spirit, with the same happy-go-lucky, questing attitude to life which she herself possessed.He found that he couldn't go out with the lads anymore, and he felt he'd lost his happy-go-lucky side.Cousteau, barely in his twenties, was a happy-go-lucky youngster, always eager and willing and a more than competent seaman.
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