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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhard-bittenˌhard-ˈbitten adjective  EXPERIENCEDnot easily shocked or upset, because you have had a lot of experience a hard-bitten cop
Examples from the Corpus
hard-bittenMiss Davies is not really the tough, hard-bitten businesswoman that she appears to be.Jensen's experience in prison left him hard-bitten, cynical, and ruthless.a hard-bitten detectiveThat was hard-bitten, hard-nosed, hard-drinking newshound Edgar Allan Poe.The hard-bitten men round the table knew better than to make that mistake.He said he adored hard-bitten policemen.Very few teachers are irredeemable, however hard-bitten they may appear.Not one of them's a hard-bitten tom, the kind you'd find on the streets.
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