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hard disk

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hard diskˌhard ˈdisk noun [countable]  TDa stiff disk inside a computer that is used for storing information
Examples from the Corpus
hard diskWhen I first turned it on, it reported a hard disk failure.A Yes a hard disk does make a great deal of difference to how easy a machine is to use.Grimmer agents were saying it was a case of an entirely lost hard disk.My hard disk has blown up and I've lost that 5,000 word report.For example, some viruses display a text string or delete all files on the hard disk on a particular date.Before next month's Starting Block, try roaming around your hard disk, looking at the different files it contains.Desktop really can get the most out of your hard disk.
From Longman Business Dictionaryhard diskˌhard ˈdisk (also hard drive)COMPUTING the part of a computer that permanently stores programs and informationHard drive capacity has been growing by 60% per year and will continue that way for several more years. disk
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