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hard evidence/facts/information etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhard evidence/facts/information etchard evidence/facts/information etcfacts that are definitely true and can be proved There is no hard evidence to support this theory. hard
Examples from the Corpus
hard evidence/facts/information etcBut lack of documentation limits hard evidence.There are surely many answers to this question, not one of which is impeccably established by hard evidence.This was a pseudo-historical theory for which there was no hard evidence.For a few minutes longer Isabel tried to sort out hard facts from vague suspicions, with little success.Nothing in the way of hard facts, in any event.There is no hard evidence of files spirited away and even if they were, nobody knows whether they contain anything sinister.But, again, the commission found no hard evidence that Mr Wahid had lied or misused the money.Its record provides hard evidence to support his picture of a service in rude health rather than decline.
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