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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhard-foughtˌhard-ˈfought adjective  a hard-fought game, competition etc involves two opposing sides who are trying very hard to defeat each othera hard-fought battle/contest/game etc one of the most hard-fought games this season a hard-fought battle for the presidency
Examples from the Corpus
hard-foughtTheir latest victory, at the weekend, was a hard-fought away win against Plymouth, 10-12.The results are a blow for women who thought their long and hard-fought campaign would guarantee success.But, from a first fierce onslaught, ambush almost, the night wore on more hard-fought games.This is going to be a close race, a hard-fought race.A draw was a fair result to a hard-fought, sporting contest.The same team that allowed blowouts to deteriorate into hard-fought victories.It had been a hard-fought victory, and Commanche Run did not race again that season.And even that was a hard-fought victory.a hard-fought battle/contest/game etcHe beat to take the coveted first prize in a hard-fought battle at the Sneyd Arms, Sneyd Green.
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