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hard luck

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhard luckhard lucka) British English spoken used to tell someone that you feel sorry for them because they have not succeeded in what they were trying to do ‘I failed my driving test.’ ‘Oh, hard luck!’ b) when bad things happen to you that are not your fault You’ve had your share of hard luck.hard luck on It was hard luck on you. c) spoken (also hard cheese British English) used to say that you do not care if someone is having problems, does not like something etc If you don’t like the idea then hard luck! hard
Examples from the Corpus
hard luckCan't have that, can we, not on top of all your other hard luck.Either the union is strong enough and can stand it, or it can t, and hard luck.If you don't like it then hard luck!If you don't then like the package, or find it doesn't fulfil one of your requirements, hard luck.Whether it was the rent or just hard luck, many businesses at the mall also cleared out.There's the same familiar chords, beefed-up arrangements and hard luck stories, but not a lot of conviction.Blown engines, driveshaft failures, the 1,500 mile long route is littered with hard luck stories.Just one hard luck thing after another.
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