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hard-wearingˌhard-ˈwearing adjective British English  DCCproducts that are hard-wearing will remain in good condition for a long time even when they are used a lot syn long-wearing American English
Examples from the Corpus
hard-wearingThe ultimate in natural flooring, sisal makes a hard-wearing alternative to natural wood floors.It is hard-wearing, crease-resistant, easy to wash and quick drying.Generally speaking, cotton canvas is the most hard-wearing fabric, followed by nylon and polyester.Bolton twill A firm, hard-wearing fabric.The result is both neat and hard-wearing - it is used for most knitwear commercially after all.Fashion workwear, the authentic, hard-wearing utility stuff, is not about to go away.As well as having it in the luxury class, I now also include it in the practical, hard-wearing, well worth-the-effort class!Although its meat is delicious, there is no special demand for it, and the same goes for its hard-wearing wool.
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