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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhard-wonˌhard-ˈwon adjective  achieved only after a lot of effort and difficulty her hard-won independence
Examples from the Corpus
hard-wonBut this lack of censorship, self or otherwise, should be celebrated for the hard-won battle that it is.Their hard-won brand equity was swept away by the power of the marketplace transactions.It harasses other gulls until they drop their hard-won food and then swoops down to catch it - often in mid-air.This strong attachment to a hard-won freedom can neither be denigrated, nor eradicated from consciousness.For me this was a hard-won lesson, based on my own failings in this direction.It involves wondering how to use hard-won resources to achieve something meaningful.I am proud of the invitation and the hard-won respect that underlies it.A bit of a bombshell, Vi distracts Betty's hard-won suitor Hugh, touching off a set of sibling sparring.
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