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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhard-workingˌhard-ˈworking ●●○ adjective  WORK HARDworking with a lot of effort syn industrious a hard-working teacher
Examples from the Corpus
hard-workingGrand Forks residents, their memories short, took it out on that nice, hard-working and inspirational Pat, they say.Is the Court deaf, dumb and blind to the plight of its hard-working employees?The Seasiders cantered to victory against a hard-working Halifax outfit, despite the presence of four newcomers in the 13.Scholarly and intensely hard-working, his otherwise serious nature was lightened by a streak of mischief.We tried to emphasize a system where you put things in place and hire smart, hard-working people.These young men, taciturn, hard-working, serious, did not conduct themselves in what Mr Bullins considered the correct manner.John Heredia is a hard-working truck driver, father of nine and a Little League coach.Those behind the proposition are a group of hard-working volunteers who want to improve Tucson.
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