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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhardcoverhard‧cov‧er /ˈhɑːdkʌvə $ ˈhɑːrdkʌvər/ (also hardback) noun [countable]  TCNa book that has a strong stiff coversee thesaurus at bookhardcover adjective paperback
Examples from the Corpus
hardcoverIndeed, the book is even now still in W H Smith's Top 20 hardcover fiction bestseller list.The older works listed first are still widely read and most are generally available in both hardcover and paperback.Current hardcovers offer some tempting summer reads.The book, which received warm reviews when it was published, sold about 25,000 copies in hardcover.Instead, the book has sold more than 1 million copies in hardcover and paperback.Publishers would surely lose some money in a diminution of their sale of overstock hardcover books to discount stores.She went on to the Sunday Times hardcover bestseller list for the first time.
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