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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhardenedhard‧ened /ˈhɑːdnd $ ˈhɑːr-/ adjective  1 hardened criminal/police officer etc2 become hardened (to something)
Examples from the Corpus
hardenedUnlike many other adventures, Rex gives you three levels of difficulty to suit both amateurs and hardened adventures.As a rule, even the more hardened cases respond to authority when they realise the game is up.Even the most hardened criminal would have been shocked by the brutality of the crime.Even the hardened expert will find something which illuminates in an original way some concept he has long taken for granted.An inverted, pirouetting helicopter can make even the most hardened flyer turn into a quivering jelly!Hardened foes of abortion are unlikely to be persuaded by her arguments.Cancun is not for hardened travellers.
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