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hardyhar‧dy /ˈhɑːdi $ ˈhɑːrdi/ adjective  1 STRONG PERSONstrong and healthy and able to bear difficult living conditions hardy mountain goats2 DLGHBPa hardy plant is able to live through the winterhardiness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
hardyRed deer are hardy, adaptable animals.A hardy and easy plant to grow in the aquarium.Very hardy and easy to grow.The people who lived in the hills were a hardy and hard- working race.Charolais cattle do not like rain or too much cold. They are not hardy animals.A very hardy Aponogeton, and one of the best to grow in the aquarium.Small specimens do fairly well in tanks, but they are not among the most hardy aquarium fishes.To survive the cold, Winnipeggers are not just hardy but imaginative.Usually Guppies are hardy fish and adapt to most water conditions, but they do prefer alkaline water.A few hardy joggers were out running in the cold.It is an excellent, hardy plant, which is also easy to grow.
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