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harmonichar‧mon‧ic /hɑːˈmonɪk $ hɑːrˈmɑː-/ adjective technical  APMrelating to the way notes are played or sung together to give a pleasing sound harmonic scales
Examples from the Corpus
harmonicOur earliest piece of Orphic evidence, the Derveni commentary, described the workings of the cosmos as harmonic.Now it is 4, which is to be subjected to harmonic analysis.Dire harmonic confusion would result were the bass to be mingled with the upper parts.This particular train, though, headed for harmonic destinations never envisaged in Billy Strayhorn's original.Their appearance is connected with anharmonicity, which leads to a breakdown of the selection rules derived assuming simple harmonic motion.Then off with the chaconne she went, gathering force with each repetition of its harmonic pattern.Composers have often introduced dissonant diatonic notes into otherwise straight forward harmonic situations to give the desired touch of dissonance or unconventionality.Miller solos are complex and radiant; his harmonic support for the group, magnificent.
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