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harmoniumhar‧mo‧ni‧um /hɑːˈməʊniəm $ hɑːrˈmoʊ-/ noun [countable]  APMa musical instrument with a keyboard and metal pipes like a small organ
Examples from the Corpus
harmoniumI was the owner of a harmonium as well as the basket and the wool.In his band are Tony Cedras, alternating between accordion and harmonium.Eventually he built up a collection of bells which he played in time to the tunes he would play on his harmonium.Another day we returned to find an empty space where my harmonium should have been.This has replaced the old portable harmonium so familiar to former generations of service personnel.Both songs incorporate traditional Qawwali drumming and use of the harmonium.He encouraged the three of us to recite, and sing and play the harmonium.Then when we had eaten tea she said she was going to play the harmonium.
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