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Birtwistle, Harrison

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishBirtwistle, HarrisonHarrison BirtwistleBirt‧wis‧tle, Har‧ri‧son /ˈbɜːtwɪsəl, ˈhærɪsən $ ˈbɜːrt-/  (1934-) an English composer of modern classical music who was born in Accrington, Lancashire. He has been the musical director of the Royal National Theatre in London (1975-83) and a professor of music at King’s College, London (1994-2001). His works include the operas Punch and Judy (1967), Gawain (1990), and The Minotaur (2008) as well as Silbury Air (1976-77), a work for chamber orchestra. One of his techniques is to cut up music and put it back together in a different random (=by chance) order. His formal title is Sir Harrison Birtwistle.
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