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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhas-beenˈhas-been noun [countable] informal  FAILsomeone who was important or popular but who has now been forgotten
Examples from the Corpus
has-beenEmployment training in Britain is a scandal and is often run by Government-appointed has-beens from industry accountable to no-one.To say they are has-beens is cruel, but their recent Grand Slam record speaks for itself.Triumph Tigers should belong to boys like Nails, rough and lawless, not hopeless has-beens like himself.A peerless champion of his own era, he had been reduced to an ineffectual has-been by the modern gunslingers.The country is crying out for leadership and all Mr Smith has to offer is a talking-shop for academics and political has-beens.The arrogance of some of the has-beens in the Athletico squad is pathetic.
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