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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhastehaste /heɪst/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  1 HURRYgreat speed in doing something, especially because you do not have enough time syn hurry I soon regretted my haste.in your haste to do something In his haste to leave, he forgot his briefcase.RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say hurry rather than haste:In my hurry, I left my coat behind.2 in haste3 make haste4 more haste less speed
Examples from the Corpus
hasteShe scaled its steep side in breathless haste.Here haste not only wastes, it kills.They were on the run, and in haste, or we should all be dead men.I had to write in haste.More haste, less speed, Madam!Complex negotiations followed, in an atmosphere of haste, as Reagan would take office on January 20.There was a trickle of traffic, now, and she overtook the sleepy drivers with an almost reckless haste.But who comes in such haste in riding-robes?in your haste to do somethingCallinicos, in his haste to counter aestheticism, reduces the aesthetic.Maybe I was blotting out my past, as provincials do, in my haste to get to where the action was.Then she rushed back towards the stairs, almost falling in her haste to get back to the ground floor.He shrugged out of his jacket and her hands went to his cotton shirt, fumbling in their haste to undo the buttons.The vultures eat greedily, fighting over scraps, slipping off the rock in their haste to consume.
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