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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhastilyhast·i·ly /ˈheɪstəli/ ●○○ adverb written  quickly, perhaps too quickly syn hurriedly a hastily arranged news conference ‘Don’t worry, ’ Jenny added hastily. ‘I checked with Lizzie first.’
Examples from the Corpus
hastilyToo many official schedules for 10 a.m. had been hastily altered for anyone to be able to hide the fact.Max consumed his parkin hastily and left.Then the older one bends over the younger and kisses him on the lips, hastily and shyly.Later a hastily assembled identification parade of three sat before me.Alison sat back, shifting hastily away.I hastily dress, but there is limit to how fast you can put on two or three layers of clothes.The lights were swung round, the Nagra tape recorder switched on and the camera hastily placed on its tripod and pointed.Nell feverishly ripped the covers off three of the files, hastily stuffing the insides into one of her empty field-dressing pouches.
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