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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhastyhast‧y /ˈheɪsti/ adjective  1 HURRYCARELESSdone in a hurry, especially with bad results syn hurried He soon regretted his hasty decision. a hasty breakfastsee thesaurus at fast2 be hasty
Examples from the Corpus
hastyI think I may have been a little hasty about firing him.I don't want to make hasty and furtive love with you.The method of reproducing the copies is hasty and inaccurate, so defects accumulate especially fast there.Dean arrived, hurrying, while Major and I were having a hasty breakfast.Go home and think about whether you really want to have the operation -- I don't want you to make any hasty decisions.He only had time for a hasty glance at the papers.""I have to go now, '' said Alex, bidding them a hasty goodbye.Most of the other students were too cool to have done anything hasty like purchase the books for the course.A hasty plan for accomplishing this came into my mind.They were forced to beat a hasty retreat and arrived at their rendezvous with Morris's patrol on time.With decks awash with diesel we beat a hasty retreat back to Lerwick.
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