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ldoce_149_ihathat /hæt/ ●●● S1 W3 noun [countable]  1 DCCa piece of clothing that you wear on your head Maria was wearing a beautiful new hat.straw/cowboy/bowler etc hatin a hat a man in a fur hatbowler-hatted/top-hatted etc (=wearing a bowler hat, top hat etc) a bowler-hatted gentleman2 keep something under your hat3 be wearing your teacher’s/salesman’s etc hat4 I take my hat off to somebody5 be drawn/pulled/picked out of the/a hat6 pass the hat around7 throw/toss your hat into the ring hard hat, old hat, → at the drop of a hat at drop2(5), → I’ll eat my hat at eat(8), → hang up your hat at hang up, → be talking through your hat at talk1(29)
Examples from the Corpus
hatIn his Roos-Atkins collapsible hat and safari jacket, he might have stepped from the pages of Field and Stream.a cowboy hatPeasants in cowboy hats have replaced well-heeled tourists beside a pool now filled only with two inches of green scum.a big straw hatIt created an odd effect, because, as he shook his head, he still fanned himself with his straw hat.Some females were able to switch to the plaiting of straw hats, bonnets and mats.She wore a large white straw hat and looked as if she'd just been to church.Oliver swept off his battered top hat in ironic acknowledgement of her sally.in a hatThere were kids everywhere in heavy coats, girls carrying roller skates, posse boys in hats carrying sticks.In the first called Ascot, Nielsen disguises himself cunningly in a hat that would have probably made Gertrude Shilling turn pale.There was a lady in a hat, only one but quite a one.A door opened and a man in a hat leaned out, one foot on the running board.Women played in hats and long-sleeved day dresses.He trudges along there on a Sunday, in hat, tie, dark suit.Now he looked like a toad in hat and tails.Haven't seen a woman in a hat for years.
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