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hatchbackhatch‧back /ˈhætʃbæk/ noun [countable]  TTCa car with a door at the back that opens upwards
Examples from the Corpus
hatchbackThe blue hatchback was briefly searched in the parking lot, and then towed away by authorities.It is a five-door hatchback of Escort size, with engines ranging from 1.4 to 1.9 litres and four variations of styling.There are two versions of the three-door hatchback, both with a normally aspirated engine and manual five speed gearbox.And if everyone else is rebelling in a similar fashion, we might get some decent hot hatchbacks back into circulation.Unlike some hatchbacks one could mention, this seems to be solidly built with a first-class chassis.Open the hatchback and the boot space is small, in the interests of extra knee-room for rear passengers.He opened the hatchback of his car and carefully lifted out parts of his dance costume to show me.Baya jumped in his rented red Fiat Punto, a utilitarian hatchback, and raced toward Cap Martin.
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