1 verb
hate1 S1 W3 [transitive not in progressive]
1 to dislike something very much [≠ love]:
It's the kind of movie you either love or hate.
He hates his job.
hate doing something
Paul hates having his picture taken.
hate to do something
I hate to see you unhappy.
hate it when
Pam hates it when Lee calls her at work.
hate somebody doing something
Jenny's mother hates her staying out late.
2 to dislike someone very much and feel angry towards them [≠ love]:
Why do you hate me so much?
hate somebody for (doing) something
She hated him for being so happy.
hate yourself
I hated myself for feeling jealous of her.
hate somebody's guts informal (=hate someone very much)

I'd hate (for) somebody/something to do something

spoken used to emphasize that you do not want something to happen:
I'd hate you to go.
I'd hate for him to think I wasn't interested.

I hate to think what/how/where etc

spoken used when you feel sure that something would have a bad result, or when an idea is unpleasant to think about:
I hate to think what would have happened if you hadn't called the police.

I hate to say it, but.../I hate to tell you this, but...

spoken used when saying something that you do not want to say, for example because it is embarrassing:
I hate to say it, but I was glad when he went home.

I hate to ask/interrupt/disturb etc

spoken used to say that you are sorry that you have to ask etc:
I hate to ask you this, but would you mind giving me a lift home?
I hate to interrupt, but it's urgent.
hated adjective:
the hated security police
hater noun [countable]
I'm not a man hater.

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