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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhatredha‧tred /ˈheɪtrɪd/ ●●○ noun [countable, uncountable]  HATEan angry feeling of extreme dislike for someone or something opp love A look of pure hatred flashed across her face.hatred of/for/towards his intense hatred of all foreigners Abby made no secret of her hatred for her father.passionate/intense/deep etc hatred Ellis was a sick young man with a deep hatred of women. the old hatreds and prejudices that simmered below the surfaceCOLLOCATIONSverbsfeel hatredIt was terrifying to know that someone could feel such hatred towards me.have a hatred of somebody/something (=hate someone or something very much)Gang members have a hatred of the police.stir up hatred (=deliberately try to cause arguments or bad feelings between people)Right-wing parties tried to stir up hatred and exploit racial tension.incite hatred (=deliberately encourage people to hate each other)He faces criminal charges for inciting racial hatred.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + hatred racial/race hatredFeelings of racial hatred were drummed into him as a child.ethnic hatredChurches and mosques were burnt as ethnic hatred turned into violence.religious/sectarian hatred (=hatred between people who belong to different religious groups)The law makes it an offence to stir up religious hatred.pure hatred (=complete hatred)The child opened her eyes and stared at Juliet with pure hatred.passionate/intense/deep/bitter hatred (=hatred that is felt very strongly)What, I wondered, had I done to provoke such deep hatred?be full of/filled with hatredShe told me, in a voice full of hatred and contempt, that I meant nothing to her.phrasesfeelings of hatredShe talked about the feelings of hatred she has towards her son’s killer.
THESAURUShatred an angry feeling of deep dislike for someone or somethinghis hatred of violenceIt is easy to understand their hatred for the invaders of their country.racial hatred (=of people who belong to a different race)hate the angry feeling that someone has when they hate someone and want to harm themHis mind was filled with hate and the desire for revenge.Her love for him turned to hate, and she tore up all his old letters.Thatcher became a hate figure for the left (=someone who many people hate).His enemies started a hate campaign against him in the press.loathing a very strong feeling of hatred for someone or something that you think is extremely unpleasantI felt nothing but loathing for him after the way he’d treated me.animosity a feeling of hatred and anger that often makes people behave unpleasantly to each otherThe animosity between parents who are getting a divorce can often cause great suffering to their children.abhorrence formal a deep feeling of hatred towards something that you think is morally wrong or unpleasantthe abhorrence of terrorism by all decent peoplecontempt a feeling of hate towards someone or something you think does not deserve any respect at allShe looked at him with contempt.I have nothing but contempt for these people.
Examples from the Corpus
hatredTom had a hatred of any kind of authority.I could see the jealousy and hatred in Jeff's eyes.Christina backed away from Michael, whose handsome face was twisted and distorted by hatred.The experience left him with a deep hatred of politicians.In her autobiography, she describes her hatred for her stepfather.The long cold winter had only increased his hatred of the place.Pure, liquid hatred bubbled behind my eyes.On thing is clear: the level of mutual hatred.He grabbed the putter from me and funneled all his temporary hatred for the game into effort and sank that twenty-footer.Their enemies may well then start to temper their hatred with a little respect.Stephen, lying in a shellhole with Byrne, felt his body tense with hatred at the sound of them.passionate/intense/deep etc hatredWhat on earth had Hugh Puddephat done to provoke such passionate hatred in this well-mannered woman?
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