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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhauncheshaunches[plural]HBHBODY the part of your body that includes your bottom, your hips, and the tops of your legson your haunches They squatted on their haunches playing dice. haunch
Examples from the Corpus
on your haunchesWhen he was full he leaned back on his haunches and looked at the mess of blood and flesh.Others crouched on their haunches and kicked out their back legs behind them, like men carrying out a complex fitness programme.To talk, they often got down on their haunches and hunkered.Sinnett rose on his haunches and craned his neck from the other side.Sure enough, she was still there, sitting on her haunches eyeing me thoughtfully.Finally he broke away and went and squatted on his haunches by the stream.Shukla was sitting there on his haunches when Gandhi arrived and waited till he was free.
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