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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhauntedhaunt‧ed /ˈhɔːntɪd $ ˈhɒːn-/ ●●○ adjective  1 GHOSTa haunted building is believed to be visited regularly by the soul of a dead person a haunted house2 haunted expression/look
Examples from the Corpus
hauntedBoth John and his wife Susy are convinced the house is haunted.The locals say the villas are haunted.It's haunted, and I would keep well away from it.Its flame showed up her hollow cheeks, the haunted eyes.A young vicar and his wife, with matching haunted faces, wheel their beautiful chubby little daughter down the corridor.Billed as "America's most haunted house, " the Myrtles Plantation is supposedly inhabited by 14 ghosts.A sleepless night had added to her pallor and the haunted look in her eyes.Shelley looked like a haunted man.It is a haunted nowhere land.The painting is another brooding, haunted work from a period with worldwide, cross- cultural appeal.haunted houseAlone with her daughter in a haunted house she managed every damn thing.The game drops you off in the lobby of the haunted house, which contains some great works of art.
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