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have a field day

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhave a field dayhave a field dayinformalCHANCE/OPPORTUNITY to have a chance to do a lot of something you want, especially the chance to criticize someone The newspapers had a field day when the trial finished. field day
Examples from the Corpus
have a field dayIn such situations, information biases have a field day...They'd have a field day.Politicians and the media have had a field day with the incident.The court was agog and the journalists continued to scribble away, knowing they were about to have a field day.The slippery, deceptive Mr Clinton will have a field day.Well, the crackpots will have a field day with these revelations, Holmes!Any bacteria that may be in the food will have a field day and grow.The tabloid newspapers would have a field day.
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