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have a habit of doing something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhave a habit of doing somethinghave a habit of doing somethingif something has a habit of doing something, it usually or often does it – used humorously Life has a habit of springing surprises. habit
Examples from the Corpus
have a habit of doing somethingBe careful not to annoy the boss. He has a habit of losing his temper.Things have a habit of disappearing there.Things he predicts have a habit of coming true.My teenage daughter has a habit of leaving home without her house key.We shouldn't rule out a Democrat victory yet. These things have a habit of changing just when you least expect it.Arizonans have a habit of embracing wealthy businessmen with virtually no elective experience.Here, the guards have a habit of touching the women.I have a habit of filling small sketchbooks with hour or day-long sequences of watercolours.I have a habit of turning it off as soon as I hear the first commercial.Low-confidence people have a habit of trying to accomplish the impossible.-Praise yourself when you do something well.Myths have a habit of ignoring the truth.
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