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have a/some/no etc bearing on something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhave a/some/no etc bearing on somethinghave a/some/no etc bearing on somethingCONNECTED WITHto have an effect or influence on something, or not have any effect or influence Exercise has a direct bearing on how healthy you are. bearing
Examples from the Corpus
have a/some/no etc bearing on somethingThe availability of security may, however, have a bearing on whether or not a particular loan will be granted.The outside influences have no bearing on what you can do for your basketball team...And that it might have some bearing on what has happened now.It has come to have a bearing on the larger questions of civilized survival.But the facts of the past seemed to have no bearing on the facts of the present.The observations on immortality in Chapter Thirteen may be seen to have some bearing on this.Party political factors, professionalism and the dispositions of key personalities all usually have some bearing on internal management structures.This year's form will have a bearing on all future claims.
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