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have a stake in something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhave a stake in somethinghave a stake in somethingif you have a stake in something, you will get advantages if it is successful, and you feel that you have an important connection with it Young people don’t feel they have a stake in the country’s future. stake
Examples from the Corpus
have a stake in somethingDow Jones and Intel also have stakes in Sohu.Both countries have a stake in using the World Trade Organization and in not allowing trade disputes to poison bilateral relations.Many have a stake in the present system.We want all our people to share in growing prosperity and to have a stake in the country's future.Pharmaceuticals and health-products firms, which have a stake in Medicaid and Medicare reforms, $ 1. 3 million.The decisions will be made at the appropriate level by those who have a stake in them.And the more you borrow, the more the bank will have a stake in your success.They reasoned that, if neither main party won a commanding majority, both would have a stake in negotiating rather than fighting.
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