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have done with something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhave done with somethinghave done with somethingAGREEto finish or settle an argument or a difficult situation I should throw you out now and have done with it. have
Examples from the Corpus
have done with somethingWhat would they have done with all the money we drop every night at Convito Italiano?This was something they could not have done with any other embassy.She felt for Karen, but she had no idea what she would have done with her on the roster next year.Why don't we just call it New Mancunian Express and have done with it?Why don't we just give Napoleon the keys to Berlin and have done with it?I wonder what Grandmother would have done with such a husband?If they had, what would they have done with the bird's skull?What Leapor would have done with the money can be surmised.
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