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have/exchange words (with somebody)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhave/exchange words (with somebody)have/exchange words (with somebody)to argue – use this when you do not want to make the argument seem serious I was in a bad mood and he kept pestering me, so we had words. word
Examples from the Corpus
have/exchange words (with somebody)Linda buried herself in the crowd, exchanging words with this one and that and heading for the bar.I have words before my eyes, as you might imagine.He and Kemp pound down the stairway, exchanging words.Sometimes, Britten seems to have written more naturally when he didn't have words to set.They exchanged words, not all of which appeared to be in jest.Nurses busily went up and down, sometimes pausing to exchange words and careless laughter.I would hear the women exchange words with Miss Fingerstop.Without it, you have words virtually sprinkled across the page, each project an exercise in speed and frustration.
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