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have/get/give a feel for something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhave/get/give a feel for somethinghave/get/give a feel for somethinginformalUNDERSTAND to have or develop an understanding of something and skill in doing it exercises that give a child a feel for numbers feel
Examples from the Corpus
have/get/give a feel for somethingAny guilt she many have felt for the loss of her son did not affect her longevity.I can get a rhythm, get a feel for the offense.He was here to get a feel for the place.Walk around the Tor and on the footpaths of the surrounding levels to get a feel for this legend-full land.Whenever possible I devoured local newspapers, trying to get a feel for the politics and social conditions of each place.Rather we get a feeling for the differences in the island societies through encounters with restaurant owners.Did you get a feel for that with those conversations and the two extremes, the shot-gun versus the follow-up?Playing the game itself is lots of fun, once you get a feel for the actual shot settings.
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