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have had enough (of something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhave had enough (of something)have had enough (of something)spoken used to say you are tired or angry about a situation and want it to stop When I got home I just sat down and cried. I’d had enough. I’ve just about had enough of your stupid remarks. enough
Examples from the Corpus
have had enough (of something)By Saturday, both parties appeared to have had enough.Eat what is on offer and enjoy it without guilt, but stop when you have had enough.Whatever the explanation, many people in Hong Kong have had enough.Others, if they have had enough attention, will simply start to struggle and then leap down or move away.But I think perhaps you have had enough lessons for one night.Male speaker People have had enough of crime in rural areas.My guess is that many of you have had enough of life before modernity.I'd had enough of the neighbors' noise, so I called the police.If you have had enough, stop eating.
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