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have no need of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhave no need of somethinghave no need of somethingNEEDto not need something She believes him and has no need of further proof. need
Examples from the Corpus
have no need of somethingThe rest of us find paracetamol an effective analgesic with no important side effects and have no need of an antidote.On Siporax, it is claimed, the bacteria have no need of this and get on with the important job.More straightforwardly, however, capitalism and technology have no need of religion.They appear to have no need of an anemone and usually ignore any placed in the aquarium with them.Gentlemen, we have no need of discretion to protect the life of Simon Cormack any more.I thought of leaving it to you, Cynthia, but you have no need of it.You have no need of a certificate.
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