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have no place

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhave no placehave no placeformalREJECT/NOT ACCEPT to be completely unacceptablehave no place in Capital punishment has no place in a modern society. place
Examples from the Corpus
have no placeReligious celebrations have no place in public schools, although teaching about religion is acceptable.Therefore, the right of national self-determination could have no place in the party programme.Some would argue that these enterprises have no place in a capitalist system, and should therefore be privatised as soon as possible.Personal opinion or preferences and speculative imaginings have no place in science.In a holy community Noyes thought that exclusiveness, jealousy, and quarreling should have no place.Some believe that values can not be taught apart from religion and therefore have no place in public schools.Exploitation and oppression will be concepts of history which have no place in the description of contemporary social reality.Honesty, decency, good will have no place in this business of selling or murdering an image.
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