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have somebody to thank for (doing) something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhave somebody to thank for (doing) somethinghave somebody to thank for (doing) somethingRESPONSIBLEto say that you are grateful to someone who is responsible for something good happening. This expression is sometimes used humorously to mean that you are not grateful for what someone has done I have Phil to thank for getting me my first job. And who do I have to thank for that mess on my desk? thank
Examples from the Corpus
have somebody to thank for (doing) somethingWe have Sigmund Freud to thank for a rather curious state of affairs.Perhaps we have Pat Buchanan to thank for at least some of this raising of consciousness.I have Phil to thank for my first break on the Cutters.I have you to thank for that.In fact, I always have remembered - and I have Monty Lee to thank for that.Do we have Lady Thatcher to thank for the improved state of the nation's teeth?We have Alan Austin to thank for this character-building little outing - an experience you won't forget in a hurry!
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