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have/take pride of place

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhave/take pride of placehave/take pride of placeIMPORTANTif something has or takes pride of place, it is put in the best place for people to see because it is the thing you are most proud of A large photograph of the children had pride of place on the sitting room wall. pride
Examples from the Corpus
have/take pride of placeThere, pit latrines inside homes take pride of place, their arched entrances lavishly embellished with stone carvings.A Tudor Doll's House takes pride of place in a fine collection of houses and period dolls.These were retrieved and now take pride of place in the library.A runaway hamster called Sophie takes pride of place where the school rat once roamed.The statue takes pride of place at Gerrards Cross station.Are they to take pride of place, as they should in ballets worthy of the name?At Maastricht next month, political, economic and monetary union will take pride of place.Glass would have pride of place, she said.
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