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have/throw a fit

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhave/throw a fithave/throw a fitinformalANGRY to be very angry or shocked If your mother finds out about this, she’ll have a fit. fit
Examples from the Corpus
have/throw a fitI have fitted the 31/10.15 tyres to 15 x 7 rims.It would definitely not have fitted those of Marthe and myself.The 2-year-old threw fits, but not just the normal toddler tantrums.She continued to have fits and suffered serious and permanent brain damage.Mom's going to have a fit when she sees what you've done.He started to have fits and he suffered permanent damage.There must be hundreds, maybe thousands, of sea anglers who have fitted a Decca-receiving navigator to their own boat.But it was clear to all that the then Massachusetts governor would have fit snugly into the capital cocoon.He would have fit in perfectly back in 1956, the last time they had a Subway Series.
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