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have your hands full

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhave your hands fullhave your hands fullBUSY/HAVE A LOT TO DOto be very busy or too busy Can’t it wait? I already have my hands full. hand
Examples from the Corpus
have your hands fullDiane has her hands full with housekeeping chores and a new baby.The Mexican government had its hands full fighting a war on three fronts.You guys have your hands full.I'm sorry I can't help you -- I have my hands full right now.You must have your hands full with all this work to do and the children to look after.So it looks as if the doctors and Osteopaths will continue to have their hands full.I know I am going to have my hands full when his session is over.And you can bet we have our hands full.So when the shutdown finally ends, the agency will have its hands full.Steinbach will have his hands full with a pitching staff fresh out of the box.And Brooks would have his hands full.The parents and teachers of many of these youngsters have their hands full enough just looking after them.
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