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have your say

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhave your sayhave your sayPOWERto have the opportunity to give your opinion about something You’ll get a chance to have your say.have your say in/on Parents can have their say in the decision-making process. say
Examples from the Corpus
have your sayWhatever Kureishi may claim, minorities and special-interest groups have their say in his work.Talk too much, and not let others have their say.Probably the best thing about his show was that he let people have their say.The voters are entitled to have their say on Maastricht and should be given it.But emotions don't like that; they love to have their say.At a public meeting yesterday, environmentalists were finally permitted to have their say about the future of the ancient forest.Our advantage, however, was that we allowed the public to have their say on possible changes before proposals were published.Tennis World would like you to have your say on the issue.You've had your say -- now let someone else speak.When the company finally makes a small offer to the widow, her lawyer will have his say, too.
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