3 verb
have3 S1, have to do something also have got to do something especially British English
1 if you have to do something, you must do it because it is necessary or because someone makes you do it:
We don't have to rush - there's plenty of time.
I hate having to get up early in the morning.
If you earn more than £5000, you will have to pay tax.
I've got to be at the hospital at 4 o'clock.
It'll have to be on a Sunday. I'll be working every other day.
2 used to say that it is important that something happens, or that something must happen if something else is to happen:
There has to be an end to the violence.
You've got to believe me!
There will have to be a complete ceasefire before the Government will agree to talks.
You have to be good to succeed in this game.
3 used to tell someone how to do something:
First of all you have to mix the flour and the butter.
4 used to say that you are sure that something will happen or something is true:
House prices have to go up sooner or later.
This has to be a mistake.
You have got to be joking!
No one else could have done it - it had to be Neville.
5 used to suggest that someone should do something because you think it would be enjoyable or useful:
You'll have to come and meet my wife some time.
6 spoken used when something annoying happens in a way that things always seem to happen:
Of course it had to happen on today, when all the shops are shut.
7 spoken used to say that only one thing or person is good enough or right for someone:
For Francesca it has to be the Ritz - nowhere else will do.

do you have to do something?

spoken used to ask someone to stop doing something that annoys you:
Lieutenant, do you have to keep repeating everything I've just said?

I have to say/admit/confess

spoken used to show that you are making an honest statement even though it may be embarrassing for you:
I have to say I don't know the first thing about computers.

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