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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhavenha‧ven /ˈheɪvən/ ●○○ noun [countable]  SAFEa place where people or animals can live peacefully or go to in order to be safesanctuaryhaven for The riverbanks are a haven for wildlife. St Ives is a haven for artists.a haven of peace/tranquillity/calm In the middle of the city, this garden is a haven of tranquillity. safe haven, tax haven
Examples from the Corpus
havenThe church is a haven of peace in one of London's busiest areas.The airport chapel offers a haven of peace only metres away from the bustle of the departure lounge.Inside the walls it is still, today, a haven of pilgrimage and peace.For these the primary schools provided a gentle haven before they transferred to the local secondary modern school.Today this forgotten rural haven comes to life again in several delightful ways.More and more people are swapping their suburban house for a peaceful rural haven.The massacre took place in what was supposed to be a UN safe haven.She finally found a place to escape to, a small haven for herself and her daughter.a haven of peace/tranquillity/calmAnd maybe it's also a haven of peace, after the embattled years.It felt like quite a haven of peace in comparison to Bamford.This is a part of St Tropez that has managed to remain a haven of peace.
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