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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhaversackhav‧er‧sack /ˈhævəsæk $ -ər-/ noun [countable]  British English old-fashionedDFC a bag that you carry on your back syn backpack, rucksack
Examples from the Corpus
haversackAn upper window of the house had been opened and a haversack was dropped to the ground.Yanto quickly stuffed the goods into his haversack.It wasn't long before he reappeared and swiftly removed his haversack, bags and boxes from the back of the cart.At supper there arc copyright sheets of songs once sunk in the tunnels and a release of air as nylon haversacks flatten.Rifles, bayonets, pistols, haversacks, cartridge-boxes, canteens, blankets, belts, and overcoats lined the road.I stole it out of one of the Posten's haversacks when I was cleaning out the guard-room.How can you escape all this without some haversack of a parenthesis about the lady's character?Tom unpacked the haversack and wandered round the room putting the groceries away on shelves and into small cupboards.
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