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having said that

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhaving said thathaving said thatEXPRESSused to say that something is true in spite of what you have just said The diet can make you slim without exercise. Having said that, however, exercise is important too. say
Examples from the Corpus
having said thatI was unhappy with myself for having said that.Of course he deserves prison. Having said that, I don't think any good will come of locking him up forever.But having said that, it's a sport that anybody can play.But having said that, it was wonderful and I wouldn't have missed that trip for anything.Marx is oft-quoted as having said that people make history, but not under conditions of their own choosing.But having said that, there's nothing I particularly wanted to show or to hide.But having said that, this is a big game for us.Anyway, having said that Wilko would be nuts to buy another Midfielder of any sort.But having said that, you have to close sites and obviously that does lead to hardship.
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